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For Room Parents

This page provides detailed information for the PTA Room Parents. 

Thank you so much for volunteering to be a room parent for your child’s class!  Your most important responsibility is to help the teacher.  Be sure to find out how you can best be an asset to your teacher and the class.  Please set up a meeting with your teacher to discuss their needs for the school year.  It is not unusual to have more than one room parent. If this is the case we ask that you work together as a team for the entire year, to the benefit of the teacher. 

Contact: Chelsea Fagundes (roomparents@smithpta.org)


Every Room Parent and PTA Committee Chair must be an official member of the PTA.  This ensures that you are covered by the liability policy.  If you are unsure of your status please check with membership@smithpta.org   


It is policy of the Huntington Beach City School District that ALL classroom volunteers must be tested for TB every four years.  Testing dates at the HBCSD District Office.


It is helpful to send out a flyer introducing yourself to the other parents. Let them know any dates that the teacher has told you about.  For example, in the 5th grade, “Valentine’s Day will be celebrated on Friday, February 11th and we will be having a party.”  Inform the parents that you will be asking them for help with parties, class baskets, etc. throughout the year.


Be sure to have all volunteered hours logged in the visitor log in the office or in your child’s Classroom Volunteer Log (if they have one).


Remember, as the room parent, it is not your responsibility to do all the work for the class. You need to coordinate the helpers to make things run smoothly for the teacher. Be sure to ask parents for help. Most parents want to help.  They just need to know how they can help.


As Room Parent, there will be other times you will be asked to help organize the volunteer efforts in your class.

Many teachers have specific projects in their class that they will need help with. Examples of this are “Stone Soup” cooking, Dr. Seuss Day, "Green Eggs and Ham", various plays, etc.   The 5th grade room parents may want to get started now on gathering ideas for the 5th Grade End of Year Party.  Meeting dates for the 5th Grade Colonial Day have already been set.  Volunteers will be assigned to co-ordinate Colonial day, but it would be helpful if you sent a flyer home to parents NOW asking them to save baby food jars and send them into the 5th grade classes periodically.  This could be added to your flyer introducing yourselves to the other parents.


Be sure to give your teacher every flyer you plan to send out at least a week in advance. That way they can have time to edit and approve the flyer. If you would like flyers posted to smithpta.org, please email them to webmaster@smithpta.org  It is best to send your flyers in PDF format. 


Our school has ONLY three agreed upon celebrations: 

  • Winter Holiday Party 
  • Valentine’s Day
  • End of the Year Celebration. 

Please follow your teacher’s guidelines for all parties. 

Find out from the teacher what type of celebration they want.  Some teachers will want the children to do crafts.  It is a good idea to set up 4-5 different crafts in the room, and have the children move from station to station in small groups.  Be aware that other teachers will want different types of activities for their individual classrooms.

Check with teachers regarding entertainment.  Sometimes games may cut into class time or get the children overly excited.  Creating a craft, watching a video, reading a story out loud, or simply enjoying a special food may be preferred.  We all have ideas of how we would like to celebrate, but please follow your teacher’s lead.  They know the time frame they have to work within, and they also have experience with how long it takes to calm down the children after a party.  Many teachers try to schedule parties on an early day, right before school gets out, or perhaps before a more active class, such music or PE.  Work together with your teacher and all will have a great time!

Be sure you allow enough time for parents to clean up after the party.  If you are having sweet, sticky treats or a craft with glue, paints, glitter, etc., it is best to cover all desks with paper first.  It makes for much quicker clean up when the activity is over!  Don’t forget to ask a parent or two to take pictures.  Candid photos in the yearbook are always the best.

Make sure all parents get their turn to help with the parties.  They can help by bringing in food, paper, or plastic items.  They can help out during the party, or they can just observe the activities.  Notify all parents at least two weeks ahead of scheduled parties of the dates, times and opportunities to be involved.  Be sure your phone number is on the party flyer you send home, in case someone has any questions.  Ask the teacher if they want to invite all the parents to the party or just a few helpers.  Usually, the number of adults at the celebration decreases as the age of the children increases.


New School rule:  Do not serve anything made with peanuts, peanut butter or any type of nuts due to extreme allergies.  Also, think about the safety of the foods you bring.  For example, we do not want small children eating hard candies because they can choke on them.

When a party is planned, limit the amounts and types of foods, beverages, and treats offered.  Excessive sweets and sugary drinks are strongly discouraged.  Check with the teacher to see if there are any children with food allergies in the class and be sure to avoid those foods.  If you must have a sweet food such as cupcakes, make sure there are only enough cupcakes as children (and adults) in the room.  Be sure to coordinate who is bringing the food and how much they are bringing.  You do not need four parents sending in cookies or cupcakes for a total of 100 cupcakes or cookies!  Also, balance out each sugary and sweet food with a healthy food such as fruit or veggies.  Soda should never be served in the classroom.  Water or a healthy alternative is better for our children.  Instead of just having a buffet of food, think about having a party where the children can learn about the food-Make the food part of the celebration.  For example, they could make tacos in class, sample food from different countries, try putting different sauces over pasta, etc.  Provide plastic bags for the occasional excess treats so that children may be encouraged to save them to take home.

Individual birthday treats and/or parties are NOT ALLOWED in the classroom or at lunch.  It takes too much time away from classroom instruction when 30 different children bring in a special treat on 30 different days.  Instead, encourage parents to donate a book to the classroom in the child’s name.  The Fall Book Fair is a perfect opportunity to purchase books of your teacher’s choice to commemorate a birthday or holiday.


Our campus is looking great! See if your teacher would like help with the planters outside of their classroom (watering, feeding, replacing dead plants, etc.). If yes, send a flyer home asking for volunteers to maintain the planters.  If you have numerous volunteers, help them set up a schedule where they can each get a chance to help.



Please see our Pumpkin Patch page for all the details about this event.


Contact: jogathon@smithpta.org

The Room Parent (or your designee) needs to fill out all the lap cards for the class, collect them all at the run, record the laps and give the information to student and office. 

They are also responsible for organizing snack for your class that day.


You will be responsible for coordinating your class for the school-wide Teacher Appreciation Week celebrations.  More information will be coming home in the spring.  Teacher Appreciation Week is NOT the time to give expensive gifts.  Try to find ways that the class as a whole can express their appreciation.  For example, have each child write a note thanking the teacher, and then laminate them into a book for the teacher’s gift.  A popular activity for Teacher Appreciation Week is to have each child bring in a flower one day and then to make them into a bouquet.


At Winter Holiday time and the end of the year you MAY want to coordinate having the class donate funds for one gift for the teacher.  If you choose to do this, donations for the gift cannot be mandatory and they should not be unreasonable.  Scrip gift cards make great gifts.  A "wish list" of favorite teacher gift card ideas is located in the office.  The gift must be from the entire class regardless of who contributed.


The yearbook needs as many digital pictures as possible!  The yearbook coordinator, yearbook@smithpta.org will be in touch with you regarding more details, however, at every event be sure to have a parent take pictures.  The yearbook deadlines are in January or February so these pictures must be taken in the Fall.  In your initial flyer to parents, tell them about this opportunity to provide pictures for the yearbook.

Yearbook Class Page

The yearbook class page consists of a photo collage of your entire class – each student and the teacher.  Individual pictures are necessary to ensure that each child is represented the same number of times on the page – once.  The page is done on a computer program from the yearbook company.  A technical parent would be good for the computer part and a photographer-type would be good for the pictures.  Please make sure you include EVERY student


As Room Parent, arrange for volunteers to help prepare things at the curriculum lab and to help with special class projects such as Art Masters, Open House, etc., as requested by your teacher.

For more information on the Curriculum Lab viisit the HBCSD Curriculum Lab Website,

Curriculum Lab Address: 

Huntington Beach City School District Education Center
20451 Craimer Lane
Huntington Beach, CA 92646

HBCSD Education Center

Contact: Laurie Thurkettle
Tel: (714) 964-8888 ext. 2038
Fax: (714) 378-3600

Tuesdays 8:30 a.m. - 4:45 p.m.
Wednesdays 10:00 a.m. - 4.45 p.m.
Thursdays 10:00 a.m. - 3.15 p.m.
(You must be in the door before 4:00pm).
Curriculum lab is closed Mondays and Fridays.
Children under the age of 16 years are not permitted for any reason.

Thank You all for your dedication and willingness to help!

If you have any questions contact president@smithpta.org