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For Committee Chairs

Thank you for signing up to chair something!  PTA is ALL about helping our children have the best experience here at Smith—and helping our teachers and staff along the way, too.


You should have received a poster board with names, phone numbers and email addresses for your volunteers.  Please utilize that list and contact EVERYONE even if they do not have email.  You do not need to do everything yourself and those people ARE there to help.


DELEGATE, DELEGATE!  You are chairing the event or area—you need to manage it—not do it all alone.  There is a master Volunteer list that you have access to through the PTA President to send to.  Please email your request (i.e. I need three people on April 15 to…) with your contact information to president@smithpta.org and it will be sent to the HUGE Volunteer list.


You should advertise your event or area of excitement through a flyer, posters, etc.  We now have a website, www.smithpta.org, that you can post your events on as well.  You may email: webmaster@smithpta.org and we will get it on there!!  Let’s try to GO GREEN as much as possible this year, by utilizing posters, website and PACE phone calls home by Mrs. Beck. 

If you are making a flyer, you will need at least 875 copies and you will need to distribute them into all of the teacher boxes-Donna can provide a list to you.  You may make copies at the UPS Store downtown (next to Coldstone): (714) 960-8600.  You MUST provide your name and event, etc. for accounting purposes.  

Please email a PDF of your flyers to webmaster@smithpta.org and it will be posted on the website of www.smithpta.org.  Please also email a paragraph description of your event to be included on the website. 


In the event you use your own funds for flyers, supplies, etc.; filling out a PTA Warrant and stapling your receipt to it will allow the PTA to reimburse you.  On rare occasions, you may have an event that needs advanced funds.  If the PTA has voted on this expenditure and it has passed, please fill out a Warrant at least two weeks before you need the funds.  Our treasurer only writes checks once a week on Tuesdays—please know that it may be more than one week before you are reimbursed.


As a Committee Chairperson, you may have an email address connected to our website (i.e. jogathon@smithpta.org) so that you will not have to use your personal account.  These emails will be in existence for whoever shall be chair of the event/area in the future as well.  This will keep your personal email address private.  You may forward your SmithPTA emails to your personal email.