Volunteers are the core of Smith PTA.   There are so many ways to participate.  Feel free to contact the committee chairs listed below if you wish to join a committee.  If you are unable to find their contact information, send an email to: president@smithpta.org

If you volunteer for PTA events, please complete the Smith PTA Volunteer Hours Form and send it to our historian at historian@smithpta.org
Volunteers Needed
Here is a brief overview of specific volunteer needs. 
Smith PTA Executive Committee
PRESIDENT Jenny Morphy president@smithpta.org 
VICE PRESIDENT Robyne Wood vp@smithpta.org 
TREASURER Michelle Marcienec treasurer@smithpta.org 
SECRETARY Carlee Okerman secretary@smithpta.org 
FINANCIAL SECRETARY Autie Mousser finsec@smithpta.org 
VP MEMBERSHIP Ana Jolley membership@smithpta.org 
HISTORIAN Sunny Altman historian@smithpta.org 
PARLIAMENTARIAN Lori Kamola parliamentarian@smithpta.org 
AUDITOR Tiffany Kanaley auditor@smithpta.org 
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The PTA runs many programs in the school.  If you are able to assist with any of these committees, please contact the chairperson directly.

ART REFLECTIONS Laurie Pechulis reflections@smithpta.org 
BOXTOPS Tricia & Michael Ivison boxtops@smithpta.org 
COMMUNITY PARTNERS OPEN community-partners@smithpta.org 
DIRECTORY Christine Dicarlo directory@smithpta.org 
FOOD EVENTS Lynette Railsback foodevents@smithpta.org 
HBEF AMBASSADOR Bridget Kaub advocacy@smithpta.org 
HOSPITALITY/STAFF APPRECIATION Jenny Morphy hospitality@smithpta.org 
JOG-A-THON Carlee Okerman jogathon@smithpta.org 
LEGISLATIVE REP Bridget Kaub advocacy@smithpta.org 
PUMPKIN PATCH Julie Turner pumpkinpatch@smithpta.org 
RED RIBBON WEEK Elena Spencer redribbonweek@smithpta.org 
ROOM PARENT COORDINATOR Autie Mousser roomparent@smithpta.org 
SKATE PARTIES Carrie Baughman skateparties@smithpta.org 
SMITH CLOTHING Julie Drake clothing@smithpta.org 
STUDENT OF THE MONTH Kathy Davison sotm@smithpta.org 
YEARBOOK Leilani Armendariz yearbook@smithpta.org 
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