School Info

School Address:

Agnes L. Smith Elementary

770 17th Street

Huntington Beach, CA 92648


School Phone Number:

 (714) 536-1469




Daily Schedule:

School Supplies

Many parents have asked about getting school supplies for back to school.  Each teacher will have their own wish list of items. Some teachers have these lists posted on their class websites, which can be found on the school website under “Staff”. Classroom assignments will be posted the day before school starts. There are never any required school supplies, but if you want to get some items and stock up during the summer sales, students generally need basic items like paper, pencils, crayons, etc. and these can also be used at home for homework if they aren’t required in class.

Note: Kindergarten students do not need backpacks. All Smith students will be given take home folders for important papers (new this year) that they will receive on the first day of school with their first day packets.


School Construction

Smith Elementary is getting a huge makeover thanks to Measure Q! You may have noticed the construction going on…half of the permanent classrooms will be completely modernized by the end of the summer 2019 and the remaining classrooms will get done the summer of 2020. We will also have a brand new administration building and library/media center. Stay tuned for more information and please be patient with parking issues during construction.