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posted Sep 8, 2012, 3:16 PM by IT Admin

September 7, 2012
Please feel free to forward this message to your members and other interested parties.

Only 60 days until the biggest PTA fundraiser of all time!

On Nov. 6, Californians have the opportunity to transform our public schools by guaranteeing billions of new dollars directly to every school. 

How are you staying involved?

  • Hold an event near your local school
    Organizing a local PTA event or activity in support of Prop 38 is easy! It's also a great way to promote the guaranteed funding your school will receive when Prop 38 passes.

PTA members from Riverside and Moreno Valley (Twenty-Third District PTA) recently held an event to promote Prop 38 near the Riverside County Office of Education. 

Start planning your event today! If you would like assistance in reaching out to the media for your event, please contact email Michelle Eklund

  • Share information about Prop 38 with your friends and family and through social media
    PTA members across the state are actively writing and talking about Prop 38.  In a recent Patch blog, Adobe Bluffs PTA (Ninth District PTA) Vice President of Legislation and Advocacy Janice Lutz said, "My favorite part of Prop 38 is the accountability on all levels—school boards are required to take input from parents, educators and the community at each school site before deciding how to spend the money." Click here to read the full article.

For more information on getting started on Patch, please email California State PTA

Sign up for social media support

Need help using social media to promote the benefits of Prop 38? You can learn the basics and ask questions on how to leverage social media platforms for Prop 38 through our online webinar series. Sign up now!

If you can't make it to one of these trainings, get one-on-one telephone support by setting up an appointment with Nathanial Schacht at