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September 7, 2012
Please feel free to forward this message to your members and other interested parties.

Only 60 days until the biggest PTA fundraiser of all time!

On Nov. 6, Californians have the opportunity to transform our public schools by guaranteeing billions of new dollars directly to every school. 

How are you staying involved?

  • Hold an event near your local school
    Organizing a local PTA event or activity in support of Prop 38 is easy! It's also a great way to promote the guaranteed funding your school will receive when Prop 38 passes.

PTA members from Riverside and Moreno Valley (Twenty-Third District PTA) recently held an event to promote Prop 38 near the Riverside County Office of Education. 

Start planning your event today! If you would like assistance in reaching out to the media for your event, please contact email Michelle Eklund

  • Share information about Prop 38 with your friends and family and through social media
    PTA members across the state are actively writing and talking about Prop 38.  In a recent Patch blog, Adobe Bluffs PTA (Ninth District PTA) Vice President of Legislation and Advocacy Janice Lutz said, "My favorite part of Prop 38 is the accountability on all levels—school boards are required to take input from parents, educators and the community at each school site before deciding how to spend the money." Click here to read the full article.

For more information on getting started on Patch, please email California State PTA

Sign up for social media support

Need help using social media to promote the benefits of Prop 38? You can learn the basics and ask questions on how to leverage social media platforms for Prop 38 through our online webinar series. Sign up now!

If you can't make it to one of these trainings, get one-on-one telephone support by setting up an appointment with Nathanial Schacht at

Prop 38 Is Great!

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August 10, 2012

Weekly Resources and Updates on the
PTA-Supported Education Initiative

Edward James Olmos: "If we all stand up for better schools, Prop 38 will deliver."
Yesterday the Yes on 38 education initiative announced that actor Edward James Olmos will serve as Latino Chair for the campaign. The announcement kicked off an aggressive statewide Latino outreach effort by the campaign entitled, "I am 38." Check out the latest video:

PTA President Testifies in Support of Prop 38

California State PTA President Carol Kocivar testified Wednesday before the Senate Committee on Governance and Finance, highlighting PTA's support for Proposition 38 by calling the education initiative "the bold step needed right now to transform California's public school and ensure that every child has the opportunity to succeed." 
To view the full testimony, click here.

Spokesperson Training in Southern California
Join us for a FREE campaign spokesperson training to develop the skills to spread the word far and wide about Prop 38, the PTA-supported education initiative. California State PTA will be hosting additional training sessions throughout the state.Stay tuned for training dates and locations.

Click here to RSVP today! Be sure to include your name, PTA, city of residence, contact information and what training location you would like to attend.

Endorsement Update
New endorsements in this week in support of Prop 38:
  • California Black Chamber of Commerce
  • Hayward Unified School District
  • Stockton Unified School District
You can help get more endorsements! As a PTA leader, you are active in your school and community and can play a valuable role in obtaining endorsements. Click here to download the information.

Three Things You and I Can Do Today!

Share the latest video featuring Edward James Olmos on Facebook. Click here to go to the California State PTA Facebook page and click share on the video post.

Send an email to 10 friends or colleagues with a note about what inspired you to get involved in supporting Prop 38.

With your child, make a poster in support of Prop 38. Take a picture and post it on Facebook with a link to the campaign’s page.

Get the Facts
Get the facts about how much funding your school would receive with Prop 38 by going to the Benefits Calculator. For example, David Lubin Elementary School in Sacramento (Third District PTA) would receive $465,000; increasing to $810,000 in 2017-2018 and $1 million in 2023-2024.

What programs could your school restore with guaranteed money from Prop 38? Share your story today!

Ideas and Input
Want to share something you or your PTA is doing to promote Prop 38? Email Michelle Eklund at the California State PTA

CA State PTA: Our Children, Our Future Signature Gathering Begins

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February 23, 2012
Help make history:
Signature gathering begins for the Our Children, Our Future education initiative
The Our Children, Our Future 2012 campaign and the California State PTA today launched a signature-gathering drive to secure a spot for the education initiative on the November 2012 ballot.  Click here to read the full press release.

During a media conference call this morning, Carol Kocivar, president of California State PTA said: "This measure will transform our schools and help give California children the education they deserve. It provides vital new resources for our severely underfunded public schools. Every student and every public school will benefit - and tough accountability provisions will ensure the money is used to improve student achievement."

As part of the launch today — and to further energize the grass-roots work that PTA is spearheading — the campaign also unveiled a new website design

Help transform California’s schools

To prepare for the collection of signatures, meetings have been taking place throughout the state at the district, council and unit levels.  The response to these meetings has been positive and many of our members are ready to take the petitions to their family and friends to help with the effort to qualify this important measure for the ballot.  We are working cooperatively with the campaign, and it will be providing signature-gathering packets to our members beginning this weekend. 

We encourage you to get involved.  Help qualify this important education initiative for the November 2012 statewide ballot.  

Click here to volunteer and get connected with your local grass-roots organizing network.

CA State PTA Update - Our Children, Our Future

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Now more than ever ...
To view a special PTA Founders Day speech by Carol Kocivar, President of California State PTA, click here.
Carol highlights the responsibility we all have to look after the needs of children - and describes PTA's bold step to support the Our Children, Our Future statewide ballot initiative for November 2012. Find out more, including how you can help, here

Don't forget: 
Registration is open for the 2012 California State PTA Annual Convention in Anaheim, May 9-12. Click 
here for more details or to register.

Fly into February: This month is a great time to ask someone new to join your PTA. Clickhere for more membership tips and information on Teachers Matter - Now More Than Ever membership challenge.
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PTA announces support for pending school funding initiative

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Legislative Informational Alert
November 28, 2011
PTA announces support for pending school funding initiative

For Twitter updates on California State PTA's advocacy team, follow our Director of Legislation, 
Patty Scripter at 


Dear PTA Leaders and Members,

I am pleased to provide an update to you about California State PTA’s important efforts to pursue more funding for public education.  

As you may remember, our recent survey showed that “adequate school funding” is extremely important or important to 98.5 percent of you — the highest-rated issue by far. 

Based on our members’ input, as well as the strong authority of our past convention resolutions and position statements, California State PTA has taken a position in support of a proposed initiative for the November, 2012 statewide ballot
 — The Our Children, Our Future: Local Schools and Early Education Investment Act.  This measure would generate substantial additional funding to begin restoring educational programs for all students that have been cut or eliminated.  This measure would:
  • Raise approximately $1,300 per pupil in new funding per year to help restore programs, including instruction in the arts, physical education, science, technology and engineering (STEM); reduced class sizes; and more counselors, librarians, and nurses.    
  • Allocate the money on a per-student basis to be spent directly at school sites, after required public meetings that allow for input on priorities and spending. 
  • Establish accountability and transparency for how the money is used.   
  • Provide that approximately 85 percent of the money goes to local K-12 public schools, including charter schools, and 15 percent to improve and expand public preschool and early childhood education programs. 
  • Include an additional allocation for English language learners and low-income students. 
  • Generate the additional revenues through a graduated increase to the personal income tax, which our PTA authorities would support as a broad-based, equitable tax with maximum local control that makes the needs of children a priority.
There are a number of other potential ideas for ballot measures being discussed for November 2012.  Our state’s leaders have met with many different organizations and individuals and researched the various initiative ideas. We believe this measure, sponsored by the Advancement Project, a nonprofit public policy group, is the one that best meets California’s need for substantial new revenues to begin restoring education programs. 

The initiative is expected to be filed with the Attorney General’s office this week. We plan to play an active role in the initial announcement and in uniting other organizations, leaders and individuals across the state to qualify and pass this measure.  

We will share more information with all members very soon, and, once the measure is filed we will begin 
providing more details about the plans for communications and signature gathering.  We will also begin scheduling briefings to help you and your members understand the details of the proposed initiative and have an opportunity to ask questions.

This is a bold measure. We will need the support of all of our PTA units, councils and districts, and I know we are up to the task.  

This initiative will help give all of our children the programs and resources they should receive as part of a well-rounded education.  

November 2012 is an opportunity our children can’t afford to miss.  Now more than ever, California State PTA needs to take the lead.

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact me or Patty Scripter, Director of Legislation, at

Thank you!

Carol Kocivar
California State PTA

CA PTA calls for state ballot measure to restore education funding

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October 31, 2011
PTA calls for state ballot measure
to restore education funding


Join the discussion; become a fan on the California State PTA Facebook page.  Click on the logo above to visit.

 For Twitter updates on California State PTA's advocacy team, follow our Director of Legislation, 
Patty Scripter, at: 


Related reading:

A Decade of Disinvestment: California Education Spending Nears the Bottom, a new report from the California Budget Project.

Dear PTA leaders and members:
The California State PTA is calling for a November 2012 ballot measure to begin restoring education programs for our students.
At our October meeting, the State Board of Managers approved a motion to support a united effort to restore education funding, including urging state leaders, organizations, businesses and individuals to work together to qualify and pass a measure for the ballot. 

This action was taken in direct response to your input, including resolutions approved at our convention. In our recent annual survey, adequate state funding for education was again your resounding priority: 98.6 percent of respondents said it was important or extremely important;  89.2 percent singled it out as extremely important. No other issue came close to this level of support.
You have spoken loudly and clearly, and so together we will take action. While November 2012 may seem like a long way off, it is not. We must start now.
In the survey and in our resolutions, you have made it clear that you believe schools must have adequate funding to ensure every student has access to a complete education that includes physical education, arts and music, libraries and counselors, as well as STEM instruction (science, technology, engineering and math).
While talk in Sacramento often centers on the reform of the week, we know that what matters most to our members is what happens on the ground in our schools and in our children’s classrooms each day.
You want smaller class sizes, a complete curriculum, good teachers, and support services to keep children healthy and safe.
In PTA, we’re passionate, but we’re also realistic. We understand it typically takes a lot of money to qualify and pass a statewide ballot initiative. While we are not an organization that can write a big check to get a measure on the ballot, we have something even more valuable – you.
Together we are nearly 1 million parents, educators, grandparents, aunts, uncles, students and others who care deeply about the damage inflicted by year after year of budget cuts.
We know you will fight for every child and that together we can create the broad public support and true grass-roots engagement that will be needed to help qualify and pass a ballot measure.
We know that public education is our collective responsibility and that we must all step up to restore its promise.  California must provide quality education today to lead us to a more prosperous tomorrow.
In addition to our survey, we are guided in our efforts by our legislation platform that was approved by thousands of you at convention. This calls for a strong and broadly based tax structure that is fair and equitable but that also puts the needs of all children and youth as our highest priority.
Now, more than ever, we must act to secure the financing for public education that will allow us to fulfill our promise of providing a quality education for all students.
In the coming weeks we will provide additional information about ways you can get involved in this vital effort.

Carol Kocivar
California State PTA

California State PTA Newsletter - October 2011

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Get the latest California State PTA Newsletter

> October 2011 CA State PTA Newsletter

Governor signs PTA's anti-bullying bill

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Legislative Information Alert
October 10, 2011
Governor signs PTA's 
anti-bullying bill

For Twitter updates on California State PTA's advocacy team, follow our Director of Legislation, 
Patty Scripter, at 


Governor Jerry Brown announced today that he has signed crucial legislation to help protect students from bullying and harassment. The California State PTA sponsored the bill, AB 1156, by Assembly Member Mike Eng.  To read the full press release, click here.

"Every step of the way, our members supported this important bill with thousands of letters to elected officials urging its passage," said Patty Scripter, Director of Legislation for the California State PTA.  "It's a real testament to the power of the PTA voice."

California State PTA acknowledges Assembly Member Mike Eng for his leadership on this issue and commends the Governor for signing this legislation.  We would also like to thank our nearly 1 million members who made their voices heard by writing letters and taking other action to support this bill.

Voices for Education Heard in Sacramento

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Legislative Alert
June 29, 2011
Voices for education heard in Sacramento

Late last night, the Legislature approved a majority vote budget that maintains current levels of funding for K-12 education, if the revenue assumptions it is based on hold true.

This budget does not reflect the stable, long-term solution we hoped for.  And it does not protect and invest in children at a level that our children need.

This is, in large part, because the Governor was not able to secure the necessary two-thirds vote in the Legislature for the extension of temporary taxes. 
However, the “worst case” scenario, an "all cuts" budget solution was avoided. 

While far from perfect, this budget shows that your voices and those of other education advocates were heard in Sacramento.

Thanks to everyone who wrote a letter, sent an e-mail, participated in a rally, made a call or visited their legislator.  You truly made a difference for the children of California.

Read this for a brief first look at the K-12 education budget.

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