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HBCSD - Family Technology Safety & Resources

posted Dec 13, 2011, 4:18 PM by IT Admin
Family Technology Safety and Resources
Huntington Beach City School District
Superintendent and PTA/PTSA Presidents Meeting
December 6, 2011

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

Provides resources including ‘Bad Netiquette’ lessons, Online Safety Kit for Middle and K-5 school programs, the Netsmartz Five (monthly email updates), videos, and other presentations, conversation starters and tips related to internet safety.

Public Broadcast Service- Digital Nation

Provides digital workshops and resources for parents. Learn how to be a better parent, teacher or caregiver to the “digital natives” in your life and gain the knowledge and skills for understanding, analyzing and participating in our technology-infused world.

  • WATCH the featured videos from Digital Nation.

  • PARTICIPATE in online quizzes and polls to reflect on your digital life.

  • RATE your agreement or disagreement with controversial issues in “Where Do You Stand?”

  • READ more about “digital natives” from our parenting and educational experts.

  • COMMENT on the ideas explored in this program.

The Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI) works to make the online world safer for kids and their families. We do this by identifying and promoting best practices, tools and methods in the field of online safety that also respect free expression. Our members help shape public policy, highlight new technologies, promote education and convene special events. FOSI brings together leaders in government, industry and the nonprofit world to collaborate with one another and develop new solutions to keep children safe in our Web 2.0 world.

American Academy of Pediatrics

Includes a wide variety of resources on internet/cyber safety and family/community resources.

Growing Up Online
FRONTLINE on PBS released a new program discussing how the Internet is transforming childhood.

Common Sense Media
Google and Common Sense Media have teamed up to create a video of common sense tips and rules for families to help keep their children safe online.

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
This organization offers tips for children and teens about Internet usage, as well as information for parents on keeping kids safe online.

The NetSmartz Workshop is an interactive, educational safety resource to teach kids and teens how to stay safer on the Internet. For Parents: NetSmartz411 and hotline #888/638-7411

iSAFE America
iSAFE is a non-profit organization who offers Internet Safety education and materials for students, teachers, parents, and law enforcement.
Wide range of information on computer, gaming and Internet safety. Materials for kids, teens and parents.

The Internet Keep Safe Coalition group teaches basic rules of Internet safety to children and parents. Governors and/or first spouses formed this coalition in partnership with crime prevention organizations, law enforcement agencies, foundations and corporate sponsors.

WiredSafety is an online safety, education and help group that focuses on assisting law enforcement on preventing and investigating cybercrimes education, providing information on online safety, privacy and security.

Safety is No Game. Is Your Family Set? Make a PACT Today!
A tool to help promote healthy and balanced media use. From Microsoft and National PTA.

Childnet International

A non-profit organization working with others to help make the Internet a fun and safe place for children.

Center for Media and Child Health
Conducts and advances scientific research on the effects of media on young minds and bodies; develops and evaluates clinical interventions; and educates children, parents, and the public on media and their effects on the physical, mental, and social health of all children.