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Update: Mario (Sunday, May 20th)

posted May 20, 2012, 11:57 PM by IT Admin
Mario continues to improve! .... and the family has now set up a PayPal account
to receive donations for those who wish to send a financial gift.
See picture below, too......
Saturday, May 19,2012:    " Magdalena took the daytime hours to be with Pop and when I came in after work Pop looked amazing! I had stayed with him Wednesday night through Friday morning and although he was making great progress, on Friday morning I left tired because the night before he had a fever (which is to be expected). However, 12 hours after leaving him he was looking great. Last night was the first night we (Magdalena & I) were really able to talk with him. We told him about the last 4 days, about the Caringbridge site and all your Guest book entries. When we gave him a brief summary about the guest book entries his eyes got really big and he would point upward which is our sign for “Glory to God & Thank you Jesus”. There were times when we could see a visible smile starting to form on the left side of his mouth. All of your support and love really overwhelmed him last night. We were also blessed to have our favorite RN, Abel, last night, which means that both Pop and I were able to get rest because Pop was in good hands. Thank you Abel, we both needed the sleep." .............

For More Up-to-date Info, you can find Mario's Caring Bridge Blog:

To Contribute:
Here is the link to make a donation (via PayPal) for the Mario Hospital Fund

This PayPal account is handled by the family directly, and does not pass through the PTA or Smith. We want to help promote it as a way to help Mario and his Family through this challenging time.