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Summer Learning Online

posted Jun 25, 2013, 3:17 PM by IT Admin   [ updated Jun 25, 2013, 3:19 PM ]
Summer Learning Doesn't Stop
Keep our kids learning all summer long! We are pleased to offer the following programs for our students to use at home this summer to help keep their learning fresh. The user name and password information are also included below. 
  • IXL
    This is a comprehensive math practice site currently used at Smith. It provides
    unlimited questions in more than 2000 topics.

    Username = first initial and last name @ smith, (Example: cbeck@smith)
    Password = 6 digit lunch number
  • Ticket to Read
    This provides a fun online environment where kids can practice reading 
    skills and compete with students from around the world. It is also currently used at Smith.

    Username = first initial and last name (Example: cbeck)
    Password = 6 digit lunch number
  • Type to Learn 4
    This newly purchased typing program has more than 100 lessons, skill targeted typing games with each lesson, and 7 diagnostic, formative, and summative 
    keyboarding assessments. You can download the program for home use at the following 

    Account code = 149639
    Username = 6 digit lunch number

  • Summer Bridge Activities
    These fun-filled workbooks are designed to help children 
    bridge the summer learning gap. Each of the grade-appropriate activity books includes 12 weeks of skill-builders, fitness activities, home science experiments, flash cards and more. (Available at Lakeshore Learning.)
If you are unsuccessful in accessing your student’s account, please feel free to e-mail: for assistance.