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Smith PTA & Student Senate Needs Drive May 2015

posted May 24, 2015, 6:28 PM by President Smith PTA
Smith PTA & Student Senate are doing a final Needs Drive of this school year.

We have 3 organizations that support the needs of our own HB community. 

**Bring items to main office.**

MAY 26th - 29th

Beachcities Interfaith Services (BCIS) - BCIS serves the working poor and homeless who live and work in our local communities offering sack lunches, hygiene products, groceries, clothing, utility assistance, ID card assistance, CalFresh (food stamp) registration, mobile phone contracts as well as many other services.

Off the Streets (OTS) - We have a focused mission to give the homeless hope; a budget and plan to get out of their situation; a financial “hand up” and not a “hand out” so that they can get and stay housed; and guidance and encouragement at every step in our process that has been proven to work. We provide the security deposit for their new home and basic home furnishings to get them started.

Robyne’s Nest - Robyne’s Nest was started to help homeless high school students who have been abandoned, kicked out or are just being neglected by their parents/guardians. Emergency clothing, food and funds are also provided to help the students of Dwyer Middle School. The schools are struggling to help this kids stay alive, thrive and finish school with very limited resources. Robyne’s Nest is working to provide resources, funds, and extra manpower to help these students and educators.