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Mario Franco Update: July 2, 2012

posted Jul 21, 2012, 7:53 PM by IT Admin
I was able to see Mario for a bit.... He's walkin' and talkin' and looking good!

It was so great to hear his voice again and see that enthusiastic sparkle in his eyes. He is able to get out now, so his family chaufers him around on short excursions.

Mario is still using a feeding tube and staying on a strict regimin/schedule with regard to his diet. At the end of this month Mario will begin his radiation therapy up in L.A. The doctors are telling him he should have about one full year from now
for his recovery period.

Remember, if you would like to send Mario a note over the summer, please address it to:

Mario Franco
2701 Maddock
Santa Ana, CA 92704

Continue enjoying your summer and have a happy July 4th!