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Mario Franco Update - June 21, 2012

posted Jul 21, 2012, 7:07 PM by IT Admin
Last week was a pivotal point in Mario's healing process. His doctor decided to take his throat trachea out. This was important because it signaled no more immediate surgeries and that he was ready to go on to phase II (radiation treatments.) He has also been going out to UCLA for his mouth prosthetic.

In the next three weeks they will be making preparation for him to start his radiation therapy, which will last about six weeks. It will be an intense treatment plan so he will be moving to LA and staying next to the hospital for awhile. Please keep Mario in prayer. If you would like to send Mario a note over the summer, please address it to:

Mario Franco
2701 Maddock
Santa Ana, CA 92704

Mario and his family thank you all so much for the many ways in which you have been showing support. They are deeply touched and blessed by the lovingkindness continually coming from our Smith School family.

Have a wonderful summer!

Mr. Watt