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HBCSD Asbestos Q&A - Smith School Site Safety

posted Oct 10, 2014, 11:34 AM by President Smith PTA
Mrs Beck, our principal, spoke today at the PTA meeting and discussed the recent concerns and issues with asbestos in Ocean View School District schools (currently affecting 3 schools: Hope View, Lake View and Oak View) and how they affect Smith families.

She was proud to say that Smith Elementary is not affected by asbestos due to already having taken proactive steps to clear up the hazards.

Smith Elementary was modernized back in 2004, where all asbestos and related materials were removed under full containment and proper disposal.  At the same time, another step was taken, where a special paint was used which inhibits mold growth as an additional preventative measure.

Smith PTA is proud to say we are not concerned with any asbestos or other hazardous materials at the Smith Elementary school site at present. This modernization allowed our school to keep ahead of the issue and prevented the same hazards currently being experienced in the Ocean View schools listed above.

Our best wishes for a fast and thorough recovery goes out to Ocean View and all the families affected by this.