District Meetings & Information

Upcoming Dates & Meetings

  • Friday, March 26th, 2021
    • End of the 2nd trimester (elementary schools)

Other district information:

  • Tuesday, February 23, 2021, at 5 PM
    • HBCSD Study Session Board Meeting
  • Tuesday February 16th, 2021 at 6 PM
    • HBCSD Regular Board Meeting
  • Monday February 15th, 2021
    • Presidents’ Day (no school)
  • Tuesday February 9th, 2021 at 5 PM
    • HBCSD Special Board Meeting
  • Monday February 8th, 2021
    • Lincoln’s Birthday (no school)
  • Friday January 29th | Office of the Superintendent
  • Wednesday January 27th | HBCSD, Board Members
  • HBCSD Study Session Board Meeting | Tuesday 1/26/21
  • HBCSD Regular Board Meeting | Tuesday 1/19/21
  • Special HBCSD Board Meeting | Tuesday 1/12/21
  • Regular HBCSD  Meeting | 12/15/20
  • Regular HBCSD Board Meeting | 11/17/20
  • Regular Board Meeting | 10/20/20
  • Special Board Meeting | 10/06/2020
    • On Tuesday, October 6, 2020, the HBCSD Board of Trustees accepted the District’s Phase 2 Return to School Plan to physically return students to campus under the current COVID-19 restrictions. HBCSD’s Phase 2 Plan provides for reduced class size and in-person student instruction, four days a week, in either a morning (AM) or afternoon (PM) format. Students will be able to return to HBCSD campuses, that meet or exceed California’s Department of Public Health’s COVID-19 guidance for safe schools, on the following schedule:
      • October 19, 2020:
        Transitional Kindergarten – 5th Grade, Special Education Day Class students
      • October 26, 2020
        Transitional Kindergarten – 5th Grade, General Education students
      • November 2, 2020
        Grades 6-8 General Education/Special Day Class students
    • Please click the link below to view the presentation.
  • October 1st, 2020 | Special Meeting Highlights
    • At the HBCSD’s October 1, 2020 Special Board meeting, Interim Superintendent Magnuson provided an update regarding Orange County COVID-19 conditions and statistics. He noted that as of September 30, 2020, Orange County is experiencing a slight increase in positivity rates (.8%) compared to the prior week (September 24, 2020). It should be noted that as of September 30, 2020, Orange County has a 3.1% positivity rate (per 100k).
    • The Board took action to approve the following:
      • Agreement between Instructure (Canvas) and HBCSD for technical consulting during the 2020-2021 school year.
      • Amendment #7 and Amendment #8 to the Agreement for Architectural Services between the Huntington Beach City School District and BCA Architects to provide architectural services and specialty consultant services for Phase 3 Capital Improvement Projects (Measure Q Series C) for Eader Elementary School and Peterson Elementary School.
    • At the end of the meeting, the Board conducted Closed Session regarding the Superintendent search process. No action was taken.
  • September 22nd, 2020 |  Special Meeting Highlights 
    • At the HBCSD’s September 22, 2020 Special Board meeting, Interim Superintendent Magnuson provided an update on the District’s phase 2 reopening plan laying the framework for necessary steps to reopen schools by the target date of October 26, 2020.  Mr. Magnuson noted that the District has received numerous comments of appreciation for the Board’s action reflecting an abundance of caution for the health and safety of students and staff, and also for their keen interest to ensure high quality student instruction, providing time for a successful implementation of the Phase 1 distance learning model, prior to implementing the Phase 2 hybrid model. He also recognized that the District is aware of the great interest among many parents and staff to return students to the classroom sooner. Mr. Magnuson concluded his report by stating that on October 6, 2020 staff will present the Board a detailed plan for Phase 2 reopening.
    • Mr. Magnuson noted that the District has budgeted and expensed $2,459,412 for COVID-19 related supplies as of September 14, 2020, and has earmarked approximately $1,000,000 for additional COVID-19 supplies as the District moves to Phase 2 implementation.
    • Mr. Kevin Mulligan, President of OnPoint Learning outlined the professional development and key support services related to 21st Century classrooms as part of the Measure Q bond program. Their scope of services include: design, selection and implementation of all instructional technology, furniture and on-boarding training and continued development and support for the teachers and the district as a whole.
    • Mr. Magnuson presented an updated enrollment forecast for the Board’s consideration regarding the proposals from BCA Architects for the design & development of Peterson and Eader Elementary Schools. After Board discussion, direction was given to move forward with the design proposals for both Eader and Peterson Elementary Schools. The Board requested that a study committee be formed to look into the possibilities of redesigning or rebuilding Sowers Middle School.
    • The Board took action to approve the following:
      • Resolution S-7-20/21 Recognition of October 2020 as Dyslexia Awareness month.
      • 2020-2021 Learning Continuity and Attendance Plan
    • *The official Board minutes will reflect the remaining actions that were taken as this is only a highlight from the meeting.
  • Special Board Meeting | 9/15/20
  • September 15th, 2020 | Meeting Highlights 
    • Following 24 comments from members of the public, and Board member comments, the Board of Trustees  approved a motion to transition from Phase 1 instruction (100% online) to Phase 2 instruction (hybrid) no earlier than October 26, 2020, provided Orange County continues to meet State and County health requirements. It was also requested that the Interim Superintendent provide an update to the Board, at its first meeting in October, on local COVID conditions to further consider the transition date to Phase 2 instruction.
    • Superintendent recruitment consultants from Educational Support Services (ESS) provided the Board results from recent stakeholder engagement surveys, and highlighted the Superintendent Leadership Profile developed from more than 860 survey responses. ESS Consultants indicated that the Superintendent recruitment period will open on September 9, 2020. The application will be posted to Edjoin.com and several other recruitment sites. The application period is scheduled to close on October 7, 2020.
    • Interim Superintendent Magnuson provided an update on Measure ‘Q’ project planning. He noted that the District received a proposal from BCA Architects for schematic design for full modernization of Sowers Middle School. In addition, he indicated an enrollment update will be presented to the Board on September 22, 2020, to support discussion related to the remaining Measure ‘Q’ projects.
    • The Board of Trustees approved the Sale and Transfer of three surplus portable classrooms, currently located at Sowers Middle School, to the City of Huntington Beach.
    • Finally, The Board of Trustees approved MOU’s with both bargaining units to address reopening schools under Coronavirus-19 (COVID-19) restrictions.

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