USAgain Cloth Recycling Bin

Smith Elementary PTA is happy to introduce our new partnership with USAgain clothing recycling bin. The green and white bin will be installed next week, located at our 17th street entrance near the end of the bus lane.

The purpose of USAgain clothing bin is to reduce the need for manufacturing new clothing in an industry that is responsible for 10% of global carbon emissions as well as to make good quality and affordable used clothes available to people who don’t have the option to buy new clothes, providing a dignified way to dress while conserving funds for other basic necessities such as food, shelter, health and education.

At Smith, we can do our part to help in this mission while earning funds for our school. Clothing donated in the bin maybe reused or recycled depending on the condition of the donation.  We hope that this will be a successful endeavor for our school.  More info will come once the bin is placed on our campus.

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