Box Tops

Box Tops Deadline:
November 1st, 2022

To support the Smith PTA,  download the app, and scan your receipts.
For more details, see below.

Hello Smith Families,

Collecting Box Tops is a fun and easy way to earn money for our school! Even though Box Tops are primarily earned through the Box Tops mobile app, you may still submit traditional Box Tops while older packages remain in stores. There are two collection periods throughout the year. One at the end of October and another at the end of February. Starting next year, we will resume prizes to see who collects the most Box Tops individually and as a class. There are two ways to submit Box Tops and it depends on what the label looks like on the box.

The first method is the traditional paper Box Top where you or your kids will cut them out from the package. These Box Tops have an expiration date on them. Make sure the expiration date is still good. Try to cut them to size without damaging the expiration date. We recommend keeping them in a Ziploc baggie with your child and teachers name on it. Make sure to submit it to the office or your teacher before the deadline to get credit for that collection period.

The second method is using the Box Top App. As paper Box Tops start to expire this will be the only method of collecting Box Tops. The app is easy to download and only takes two minutes to register. Below is a link to the Box Top website describing the program and a detailed video on the app. If the products you purchase have the Box Top logo without an expiration date those are digital and have to be submitted with the app. The only information visible to the coordinator when scanning your receipts will be the amount paid to the school and what store the money came from. If you or any family member would like your child to participate for individual prizes or help to earn a class prize, please make sure to press the credit button when you are taking a picture of your receipt and type in the student’s name and teacher.To do so, press the star on the bottom left of the screen once you scan the receipt prior to submitting it. Once you type in that information, the app will save it when submitting future receipts. Add it to family members smart phones and have them scan to earn more credits for your child and their class too!

Box Tops are also on non-food brand items too such as Ziploc and Hefty. Thank you for all you do to help make this program a success!

Matt Landrau