Welcome Back!

The schedule for April 22 and 23 will look like this:

K-2 8:20-2:18
3-5 Continue the current AM/PM hybrid schedule.

The schedule, beginning April 26, will be as follows:

K-3 8:20-2:18
4-5 8:20-2:41 

***gates will open for all students at 8:05****

Planning days will remain on Wednesdays with dismissal for
K-3 at 1:22 
and 4-5 at 1:30.

Smith Full Day Guidelines

Class Assignments

• As we move to full day, teacher assignments are not changing. Our classes sizes are at a level in which we can meet the spacing requirements without having to split class sizes nor add teaching staff.

Drop off/Pick up

• With double the number of students arriving and dismissing at once, there will be
MORE traffic and more time will be needed to arrive on time. Please plan
• Gates will open at 8:05 am and students will walk directly to their classroom for a soft
start until 8:20 when the bell rings and instruction begins.
• Students may enter from both 14th and 17th St.
• Students will be dismissed from the same gates used during the hybrid schedule.

Materials for School

• Students may need to use a normal size backpack in order to pack a snack and lunch.
• Please do not send any extra supplies, toys, etc. to school.
• Please be sure to label the student’s backpack, lunch box, jackets, etc. with the student’s name.

Asynchronous Learning

• With the return to full day, asynchronous learning time will look more like a traditional school year with students completing homework from class – finish an assignment, read their AR book, complete a math page, study for a spelling test, etc.


• Due to the guidelines from CDC and OCHD, volunteers are still not permitted on campus.    


• Students will have a snack break during morning recess time. Please send a snack to school.
• Students may bring a lunch to school. Please do not send glass bottles or glass containers to school.
• Please put your child’s name on the inside of their lunchbox and on their reusable thermos or water bottle.
• A sack lunch from the school lunch program can be obtained as well. A lunch count will be taken at the start of the day for those students needing lunch. Sack lunches will be delivered to the students prior to lunch time and are free of cost for the remainder of the year.
• In order to maintain distancing and safety protocols, students will be sitting under our solar panels or on the grass for a picnic lunch. Students in third and fifth grade will be picnicking and may bring a towel/small blanket to sit on while eating their lunch.

Dress Code

• With the return to full day, students must wear rubber soled shoes that completely cover feet and toes. Please do not wear jellies, wheelies, sandals, nor flip flops.
• Students may want to bring a hat for recess and consider sun protection for the course of the day.
• As the amount of time students may be outside for recess and lunch adds up to a substantial amount, please consider sun protection for your child.

Safety Protocols

• Face masks continue to be required for all while on campus. With the longer day and more outside time, please consider sending an additional face mask with your child.
• Classrooms will be set up following the guidelines established by CDC and the OCHD. Students will be spaced three feet apart in the classrooms.
• Students will be separated six feet while eating lunch as their masks will be off.
• Desk shields will be used to further mitigate the transmission of germs.
• Students will use hand sanitizer upon entering the classroom, at recess, and multiple times throughout the day.
• Hand washing protocols will be in place and encouraged.
• Bathroom capacity limits will continue.
• Safety protocols will continue on the playground to ensure that stable groups are maintained.


  • Chromebooks will be returned to school and checked in with their classroom teacher on their assigned day.
  • Chromebooks should be fully charged and returned with the power cord on the dates shown below.

April 22nd- Kindergarten and 1st Grade

April 23rd-2nd Grade

April 26th-Third Grade

April 27th-4th Grade

April 28th-5th Grade

Please reach out to Mrs Ashton and the Office if you have any questions.