Sponsor a Teacher Membership this Week!

Dear Smith Surfers,

This week is the last week in January. It went pretty fast by all accounts. I hope February treats us the same!

Last week was pretty slow overall. If you were lucky enough to also have MLK day off with your kiddo(s), you got to enjoy a much needed short week. Here are a couple of other updates from last week and what to look forward to next week.


Last Tuesday was the HBCSD board meeting. A few things were covered during that meeting, including  that we are on track to go back to hybrid on February 1st.

On the PTA front, I spent the rest of the week touching base with Smith PTA Association members and Exec Board members to prep for the Exec Board meeting next week. I will also be talking with the school to discuss priorities for February.

The rest of the Exec Board has also been working hard on several projects, including the Nominating Committee (thank you, Carlee!), the Audit (thanks, Stephen!), the Budget Review Committee (thanks, Amy!), and Membership (thanks, Jenny!).

*SHOUT OUT* to volunteers, including Exec Board members, Committee chairs, and Committee members, for keeping things moving and always doing so with a positive attitude 🙂


This week will be busy for us. In addition to the Smith PTA Exec Board and the HUC meeting, we’ll be dialing into the HBCSD Board Study Session on Tuesday 1/26 at 5 PM. This meeting will be focusing on board governance and protocols.

Although the PTA Exec Board  and the HUC meeting are closed, the HBCSD study session is an open meeting, so you can listen in.


The rest of the week, the Smith PTA board will be actioning on discussion items from the Exec Board meeting.

Our top priority will be to meet the CAPTA membership goal for 100% teacher PTA membership (deadline, February 1st). If you would like to help us meet that goal, consider sponsoring a teacher membership. For more information, check out our Membership Page.


There is still time to reach out Carlee, Parliamentarian, about board positions you are interested in for next year. Please email her at parliamentarian@smithpta.org.

You can also learn more about positions by reaching out to the exec board and/or by checking out roles and responsibilities on the CAPTA website.

Note that nominations will be presented to the Association at the February meeting, and elections will take place in March.


If you have some time to spare and would like to volunteer for the PTA, we are currently looking for a Spirit Day Committee Chair. For more details on what the position entails, check out our Volunteer Page.

We also have a couple of other chair positions open. If you would like to learn more about what’s available, please don’t hesitate to ping me so we can talk through it.


Don’t forget to regularly check out our Community Events & Resources page – we update it as often as needed with resources and information sent out to us. This week we included YMCA and Scout Cookie Sale information.

I think that covers it! Thank you so much for your time and contribution. Don’t hesitate to ping me with any questions.

Have a great week!


Frederique Evans

Smith PTA President