PTA Meeting Thursday at 4 pm

Dear Smith Families,

We are thrilled to announce that nine classes reached 100% membership last week. We now have 350 Smith PTA members. Congrats to Ms Beyett, Ms Dalton, Ms Hiltz, Ms Sotello, Ms McDermott, Ms Yamabe, Mr Collins, Ms Garland, and Ms Hiltbrand’s class! We’ll reach out separately to teachers with tallies and next steps for those who met their membership goal. Thank you, everyone, for your time and support.

We will be extending our Membership Fall Drive to Back to School Night: teachers who reach a 100% membership by end of the day Wednesday (10/7) will receive $100 toward class reimbursement.

Busy week this week. We have a Special Board Meeting Tuesday, Back to School Night on Wednesday, and the October PTA Meeting and Take Out Thursday at Mod Pizza on Thursday.

We also have our Reflections entries due Saturday. Charlie and I printed the brainstorm activity and talked about the theme last week (“I Matter Because…”) and what it means to him. It was interesting because the first thing he said was, “I don’t know why…, ” so it generated a whole conversation with the family and became a great exercise in self-awareness and confidence.

It also made us realize that with everything going on and all the stress associated with Covid-19, homeschooling, work, etc.., we might not be taking the time to give those encouragements he usually got in school. I remember last year, when we did something wrong and apologized, Charlie would say “It’s OK mom, you’re still cool.” That’s something he picked up at school from Ms Miner and Ms Dalton, and somewhere along the way, we stopped saying it. We’re saying it again now – we wouldn’t have had that conversation if we hadn’t started brainstorming on the Reflections theme and what it means to him.

The other aspect of it was that we learned that brainstorming isn’t a one time deal. I think that Charlie is used to doing activities with a clear start and finish, but with Reflections, we learned that brainstorming is a more long-term process. Dedicating a specific “brainstorm” time might not work, so we put the brainstorm activity out in the open, and encouraged him to go back to it if he had an idea during the day.

Last but not least, we’ve updated our Community Events/Resources page to include some information about different scouts happenings in the area. Check it out for fun events and activities.

Thanks, and have a great week!


Frederique Evans
Smith PTA President