Yearbook Information

We will still have a 2019/2020 yearbook! We are working hard to make an awesome yearbook and include all the fun events we have had this year!

Here are some important updates:

#1- Your yearbook will be shipped to your home FOR FREE if you order by May 11th! (This includes those who have already ordered!)

#2 – There is a digital signature option so students can send digital messages to their friends!

#3 – We are including distance learning photos! Send a screen shot of your Zoom meet ups or pictures of your students doing school work or other activities at home. Email your photos to, tag Smith PTA in your FB/Insta or add a #SmithSurfersSeparateButStrong tag!

#4 – Recognition Ads are available for purchase through the website and are a great way to celebrate your 5th grader (or any student)!

#5 – With every order, you get two free custom pages just for your yearbook!

Not Yet Ordered the Yearbook: Please order your yearbook now and enter your address at checkout.

Already Ordered the Yearbook: After May 11th, we will send out an email reminder to update your address at Tree Ring.

If you have any questions email

Thank you,

Carlee Okerman, Yearbook Chair