Pumpkin Patch News

Pumpkin Patch is coming up on October 26th! This family fun fall festival event will be from 2:30-5pm at school. A packet of info was sent home this week…or is coming home soon (depending on when your teacher sends home their weekly folders.)

We need lots of volunteers to make this event a success! From food sales to loaning EZ Ups for the day , to set up, or clean up, we would love to have you help out!
Please sign up here:
Thank you for your help!

All of the important details are in your packet…and you can also access that here!
Letter: Pumpkin Patch is Coming
Wristband Presale Form: Pumpkin Patch Pre Sale
Vendor Form: PumpkinPatchVendorParents
Sponsor Form: Pumpkin Patch Event Sponsor 2018

If you’re new or haven’t participated in Pumpkin Patch before or want more info about what happens at the event, read on!

What happens at the event?

Food: At Pumpkin Patch, we’ll have some food vendors there for you to buy food (they take cash). We’ll also have baked goods, popcorn, cotton candy, and water available to purchase with tickets.

Games: We have many fun games with prizes and inflatables for the kids! These can be accessed with tickets or by purchasing a wristband ahead of time.

Pre-Sale Info: I strongly recommend sending in your presale sheet to avoid the lines! You can pre-purchase wristbands for the games, tickets for food and raffles (and for games if you aren’t buying wristbands), and vouchers for pumpkins to take home. This year, parents will be able to pick up your pre-sale items starting at 2pm on the 26th so that you’ll have everything you need for the event to start at 2:30.

Teacher Time: We’ll have a silent auction table with “Teacher Time” items to bid on like lunch with your teacher, donuts before school, etc. These teacher time experiences are donated by each teacher individually. Winners will be announced at the event and will need to pay before they leave. They’ll set up the date/time for the activity with their teacher. You can bid on any teacher’s silent auction items.

Teacher of the Day: NEW this year we will have a closed bid process for Teacher of the Day. Teacher of the Day will take place on November 8. This will be a school-wide event, and there will be a “staff meeting” with donuts and juice for the winners before school starts. Here’s how the closed bid process works: There will be a table set up with boxes labeled for each teacher/staff member participating. There will be bid slips at the table. This table will be set up starting on Monday, October 22 outside the office and will be there all during conference week. The table will move out to the field during the Pumpkin Patch event. You decide what you’d like to bid for your child to win teacher of the day. You place your bid inside the box. After the event, all of the bids will be read and the highest bidder in each box will be the winner. The winner will be contacted by Tuesday, October 30th and they will need to come into the office to pay by November 2nd. If payment isn’t received, the 2nd place winner will be notified. The amounts of the winning bids will remain private.   PARENTS ONLY are allowed to place bids. Classroom teachers have requested that you only place bids on your own classroom teacher or other staff members (Principal of the Day, etc), so for example, a 5th grade student shouldn’t win for a Kinder class.

Class Pumpkin Raffle: We will have a FUN raffle of class baskets available. Each class chooses a theme and works to collect donations for that theme. You can purchase as many raffle tickets as you’d like and you can enter as many tickets as you’d like in each basket. Winners will be announced at Pumpkin Patch and will pay and take their class pumpin basket home that day.

Pumpkins: We’ll have pumpkins for sale for $6 that you can purchase to take home to decorate your front porch for Halloween. You can prepay for these with your pre-sale order form or purchase at the event (prepay is recommended to ensure you’ll get one!)

Ticket Sales: We will have tickets available to purchase during the event, but not wristbands. Wristbands are pre-sale only. You can also pre-purchase tickets. But, if you don’t or decide you need more, we’ll have them available at the event. At the event, we take cash, checks, and credit cards. Pre-sale is cash or check to Smith PTA only. You’ll need tickets for food concessions (popcorn, bake sale, cotton candy, water, etc.) as well as for the raffles and for games (if you don’t use wristbands).

Vendors: Parents are invited to showcase their businesses in our vendor area. We also invite our afterschool programs to come if they’d like the opportunity to share about their programs.

Sponsors: If you’d like to be a sponsor at our event, please be sure to send back that form! Thank you!

We look forward to seeing you all at our FUN event!