Playground Painting Day: October 18th

Playground Painting! It’s happening soon!

Last year, Smith PTA purchased a program called Peaceful Playgrounds. To make the program work, we need to paint the playground using stencils to provide the games and activities.

Can you help us paint? We’ll be there after school on Thursday, October 18, from 1:30-4. We rescheduled from a couple of weeks ago since we didn’t get enough volunteers. But, this time, I know we will! Right? 🙂 Please arrange for childcare while we paint…maybe send them home with a neighbor or friend or relative…hopefully you can understand that we can’t have lots of kids running around with wet paint!

Here’s the link to sign up to help:

This is what we did on the Kinder playground last year. Primary will look a little different, but you can get the idea of what we’re planning. We have stencils or chalk lines for everything, and we’ll provide all of the supplies.

It’s an incredible program and here’s the Peaceful Playgrounds mission statement: “The mission of the Peaceful Playgrounds Foundation is to create a safe play environment, support healthy active kids, and advocate for recess and free play. We believe the benefits of free play are best accomplished by enhancing the play environment and allowing children lots of choices.”

We also have lesson plans for teachers to incorporate Peaceful Playgroundsequipment and activities into their P.E. time. Over the summer, we painted part of the upper playground, so now we are eager to get the primary playgrounddone!

Thanks in advance for your help!