IMPORTANT!! *Annual Parent Survey*

Hi Smith Families!!

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend.

If you missed the robo call from the district office last week, today is the first day of our district wide parent survey window. This is one of the BEST ways that we can help our district get a better understanding of our thoughts and concerns as parents. In the past this survey may have seemed long and time consuming, and I am happy to report that the questions have been wittled down to nearly half of what we have seen in previous parent surveys. Additionally there is a space to jot down any open ended concerns you might have. The district has done a really great job of making this easy and streamlined for the convienence of us. This is extremely important information that both the district and Mrs. Beck turn to when making decisions about the topics within it. Additionally, this is great data for us as a PTA to turn to when we are making plans for next years activities.

The parent survey is completely anonymous. All returned paper surveys are sent directly to the company who collects and compiles the information to present to the district and individual schools. These paper surveys can be returned in an envelope to the Smith office where they will be sent to the survey company at no charge to you. If you would like to skip the paper portion, there is information on how to fill this out online with the actually survey that came home with your student. Two extremely easy ways to participate in as little as 5-10 minutes of your day. I can not stress enough how important this parent survey is.

As a bit of incentive, if Smith proves to have the highest percentage of parent participation the students will receive an additional assembly and an added family fun night this school year. We would love to offer a hands on FREE family STEAM night at Smith! That just means they we need to acknowledge the importance of this data as parents. I know in years past this has been the compass for Mrs. Beck in the decision making process on campus. I have personally seen her make changes based on information collected here. We WANT your input. All surveys must be submitted by this Friday, March 23rd.

Thank you so much for your participation. Please reach out with any questions, and help our kids earn that extra assembly and family fun night!!


Tomorrow is our Skate Night at the Fountain Valley Skate Center. 4-6pm

Surfers Rule,
Jenny Morphy