Step It Up: Breaking News!

Our Step It Up event is 1 week away! Now is the time when our students really get involved! We have some important updates for you too. Please keep reading…

  1. We have raised $64,174 for Smith School! That is amazing! Thank you for all of your efforts to collect donations (and for your donations as well). The pledges you and your family/friends have made will make a huge difference in all of our students at Smith. This is the most profitable fundraiser we have ever been involved with and has made 2-3 times the amount that most fundraisers make.
  2. We need more volunteers for our event next Friday! We are short 13 volunteers and need help to make this big event a success. Most positions are just managing lines and cheering students on. The human hamster ball course requires holding the giant balls while students climb in and out. Some strong adults would be perfect for this one! Here’s the link to sign up: http://signup.com/go/OWsmiUL
  3. To clarify: ALL students get to participate in Step It Up. Even if they raised $0. We don’t want any student to ever feel excluded! For students who did raise money, they will get their prizes at the event, depending on the amount of money they raised. If they earned the party bus ride to In N Out, that will be scheduled later…stay tuned for that one! Students will be given color coded wristbands at the event and those wristbands let our Step It Up coordinators know which prize packages have been earned. Students will get their prizes in bags labeled with their names and will take them home in their backpacks.
  4. At the event, students will participate in a wide variety of athletic events. The obstacle course is based on the shows WipeOut and American Ninja Warrior. Students can choose to do all of the obstacles/events in any order they choose, and can repeat them as many times as they want (they of course just need to get back in line to wait their turn!) Students should dress comfortably in shorts or pants along with Smith shirts/navy blue. They will take their shoes off for the obstacles and need to wear socks. Send your child to school with a ziplock bag and an extra pair of socks so that after the event, they can change into clean socks and take the dirty ones home in the bag. Be sure your child is wearing sunscreen! We will have water at the event.
  5. How to have your child even more involved: We’ve heard some creative ideas already of students calling family and friends to ask for their donations, or making videos. They can also help out by thanking their donors! Students can write hand-written thank you notes, they can make a video thank you, they can call to thank people, and I heard one family is making cookies for every donor who donated $25 or more. What a sweet idea! And, please share with your child how the money they helped to raise is making a difference for our school.
  6. We’ve heard some great suggestions from parents to make this even better for next year, and we thank you for your ideas! We will definitely work to better communicate about the fundraiser ahead of time. But, we need our help. It is very expensive for us to print flyers/letters to send home. Please tell your friends to subscribe to this website (at www.smithpta.org) so we can have this digital format be our main communication channel–it saves us a lot of money that we can spend on student programs, and it saves trees! We also post information on our marquee, on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (@smithpta) and we have 3 display boards on campus. Thank you!!
  7. How do we spend our money? Read on…Because we have raised this money, we are able to pay for the remainder of the field trips (and buses for the field trips) that have been scheduled for this year. We spend about $15,000 on field trips each year. We are also able to get more library books, and we spend about $2,500 on new books each year. We are spending about $3,000 on disaster relief supplies to replenish expired water and food. We have more assemblies planned and spend about $3,500 on assemblies each year. Teacher appreciation week is coming up and we love to thank our hard-working teachers with a week of lunches! We also spend $8,000 on our Meet the Masters art program, bringing in art teachers to teach the lessons to our students. We spend $9,000 on our Accelerated Reader program as well. Each year we save about $20,000 for start up costs to pay for the beginning of the year expenses since we have our fundraiser in the spring. In the fall we spend $6000 on classroom supplies for teachers, we spend about $2500 on p.e./recess equipment, $6000 on technology for the school, and so much more. We have many other expenses as well (Red Ribbon Week, Reflections Program, Student of the Month, Garden Curriculum, Jog A Thon, etc), but we just wanted to give you an idea of some of the larger programs that we provide for our students at Smith. So again, thank you! Because of our fundraising efforts, we are able to provide these enriching opportunities. We wish we didn’t have to do any fundraising at all, but with government budget cuts and district budget cuts, we have to make up the difference to be able to provide these programs. Our goal is for ALL students at Smith to have a well-rounded, happy, and enriching experience. We are very grateful for our Smith community and the support of our PTA so that we can provide these programs.
  8. Questions? Please reach out to us! Feel free to contact our PTA president Jenny Morphy at president@smithpta.org and the Step It Up Coordinator Lori Kamola at vp@smithpta.org.