Special PTA Meeting This Week!

We’ve got a special PTA meeting coming up on March 9th. We’ve invited a few special guests that we think you will not want to miss.

Brian aka “B. Money” from our Step It Up fundraiser will be here to answer any questions and fill you in on the big event. Brian is a wealth of information and always so willing to hear and answer our questions.

5th Grade Staff – We have got someone from the 5th grade staff coming to report about this years outdoor science school experience. If you’ve got a child who answers most “How was it” questions with “good”.. you can get all the details of the trip here!

Christa Glemboki  is the Principal at Dwyer elementary. She will be here to talk a bit about the transition from 5th grade to middle school and will have a few suggestions for us parents on how we can prepare our kids for the big move. She is new to Dwyer and has been such a great asset to the school. If you come to this PTA meeting for anything, it should be for her.


In other words, if you are a 5th grade parent you will not want to miss this meeting!


Finally, March means it’s election time! Each year our PTA officers are nominated and voted in and this happens in March. In years past we have taken nominations from the floor and I am happy to report that we did get a nominating committee together who have already done the hard work of finding willing and able people! Below you will find our slated officers for the 2018-2019 school year. Though these officers have been nominated, they still need to be voted in. Come and show your support for these new officers and let your vote be known (we do need to hit a quorum number for these votes to even count… so we really want you there).

Smith PTA 2018-2019

Executive Board Nominees

President: Lori Kamola

VP: Jenny Morphy

Secretary: Allison Scott

Treasurer: Melanie Wengert

Financial Secretary: Michelle Marcinec

Parliamentarian: Pam Bruemmer

Historian: Laura Crooks

Auditor: Carlee Okerman

Membership: Starla Edwards

VP of Ways and Means: Sian Shank

Election will take place at the PTA Meeting:

March 9th, 2018


Multipurpose Room

All PTA members are welcome to come and vote.