Turn in Membership Forms Tomorrow!

Tomorrow, 2/15, is the last day to turn in Membership Forms to have them be eligible for our 100% membership award! If you haven’t yet become a member, please do! You can also sign up your spouse, kids, grandparents, etc. Everyone received a membership form this past week (sent home with students) and you can also click to download it here: SmithMembership100 

Why are we reminding you to turn in your membership form? Read on…

LET’S MAKE HISTORY! We are so grateful for all the support we have received to make this year so amazing. Our parent community has made a huge effort to get involved and because of that we’re motivated to take it to the next level.  This year we have incredible PTA enrollment and are very close to having 100% school membership.

Are you asking, “how can I help?”

  • If you haven’t already enrolled in membership you can do so now.
  • If you are a member already, you can donate to sponsor other memberships. ($10=1 membership)

Click Here: SmithMembership100 to download the membership form, fill it out, and return it to the office.

TOGETHER let’s make this a historical accomplishment, making this the FIRST YEAR EVER to have 100% enrollment at Smith Elementary.

Your membership gives you a voice at our school! The larger our PTA enrollment, the bigger our voice can be to advocate for our children at the state level too. And, your membership donation directly benefits all students at Smith. Membership and PTA funds pay for all field trips, technology improvements for the school, classroom supplies, playground equipment, library books, our art program, and so much more!