Come to PTA Cafe this morning by the flagpole…and a HUGE incentive for membership! YouTube Stars Meet and Greet!!!!

Hey Smith Surfers!!

The PTA is beyond grateful for all the support that you have shown so far in this school year. We have over 75% of our membership participation met. That is so exciting! But here is the deal. Smith has never been this close to hitting 100% participation. And we WANT IT BAD!

So the PTA has pulled a few strings and has some friends that want to help. If we can hit 100% membership between now and February 15th we have arranged for a few YouTube stars to come for a meet and greet with our students. We’ve got the Fisher Fam on board as well as some of their close YouTube allies.

In addition to the meet and greet any student that brings in a membership will be entered for a chance to win a special lunch with all of our visitors and be featured in a YouTube episode. We are so excited!

This morning join us for PTA cafe where we will have membership forms and be available to answer any questions. We are so so close to doing something that Smith has never done (At least in recent years. And by recent I mean in the last 15… maybe more)! We can do this!! Just to give you a little stat, we have almost doubled our membership numbers from last year where we had roughly 40% participation. This is huge!!

I came into this year with a goal to increase membership by a mere 10%. Something we did much easier than I anticipated, and it didn’t stop there. Now that we are this close I want us to go all the way! We need only 200 memberships to hit that goal. Now sure who to include in membership? How about your spouse? Your students grandparents? Other extended family? Coaches? You can even have your students join! And if you still can’t find someone in that big group, consider sponsoring a membership for another family at school that just can’t.

Surfers Rule, and I love this energy and support system we are building on campus. It’s amazing to see a community come together in support of the most important things we have. Our children. The next generation! See you at PTA cafe!

Surfers Rule,
Jenny Morphy