Back to School Night and PTA Meeting

We have our first official PTA meeting tomorrow evening before Back to School Night and this is your formal invitation to come. The first meeting of the year is always the most informative, and definitely the most fun. Plus it always has the best treats. Don’t miss out! The Schedule for the evening is as follows:

5:30 PTA Meeting in MP Room
6:30 First Session of Back to School Night
7:05 Second Session of Back to School Night

The two sessions give you the opportunity to visit multiple classrooms if you have multiple kids. Have more than two? I suggest you do as we do and divide and concur.

Additionally at back to school night we will have some school lunch samples and snacks, as well as SPIRIT WEAR!!! We have picked some really great new designs for this year and with the new logo I’ve gone full blown heart eyes. We are really excited to be offering all these amazing new things so in the very least stop by our spirit wear table to have a look.